I want to know how can i remove the fields from the module "Scheduled Tasks" for Webform, so the exported Excel file doesn't show the fields "Created" "UUID" "Serial Number" "Completed" etc. I can make it when i export manually but in scheduled tasks it sends all that information. I don't have a clue how to make it.

These are the items i want to remove form HTML Table

  • It was the same problem I had, and at the time when I was using it in d7. I don't think that possibility exists, or at least, when I looked for a solution myself I couldn't find anything that would allow it. Maybe it would take a sub-module that would remove those parameters on export (I used to export them to Excel), but I couldn't find any mention of such a module and I'm not able to implement it. I gave up for the moment, and I used to delete columns I'm not interested in from the files. Hopefully, in Drupal 9, someone will implement this feature. – acid Jun 1 at 21:08

In Webform 6, this function already exists. In the Result submission page of each webform, there is a Customize button that allows to customize the submissions table, and un-select the fields you don't want to export.

  • Thanks, i will try webform 6. Didnt notice that. – HomerO Jun 2 at 22:37

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