I have different product variations with a vocabulary (Artist) which is also used for the Artist content type.

How can I use a view to show the related products which use a specific value from that vocabulary?

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    Try searching for "sibling views", I'm sure you'll find answers about this. – prkos May 26 at 17:13
  • Hi @prkos I found some useful information in one of your comments, as a matter of fact-may 10th 18. Unfortunately, it does not help me because I need to reverse the relationship and that is a feature request (drupal.org/node/2706431). I'll ask my colleague to install the module suggested on that post. Products and Content are different, so I have to set also a relationship from the Product to the Content type. Then apply the contextual filter based on the TID, which is present on the URL. There is something I am missing. Thanks as always! :) – Jorge Montoya May 27 at 0:28
  • I don't see why that issue would be related, it only affects stuff being automated. You can still build reverse Relationships yourself, by manually adding the forwards Relationship, then the backwards one that uses the first one. Then the contextual filter uses the Reverse one. If you can create a list of product variations, add artist field Relationship, then the second backwards one, then the Contextual ID for artist CT that uses the second Relationship. – prkos May 27 at 17:18

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