I have a node view, page display with format "table" where the changed date is set as the default sorting order by the table settings. When I set "Distinct" for the view I get the above mentioned error.

This is the query which is shown to me:

 "sidejob"."id" AS "id", 
 "candidacies_mandates_sidejob__mandates"."id" AS "candidacies_mandates_sidejob__mandates_id", 
 "politician_candidacies_mandates"."id" AS "politician_candidacies_mandates_id", 
 "sidejob_organization_sidejob"."id" AS "sidejob_organization_sidejob_id" FROM {sidejob} "sidejob"
LEFT JOIN {sidejob__mandates} "sidejob__mandates" ON sidejob.id = sidejob__mandates.entity_id AND sidejob__mandates.deleted = :views_join_condition_0 
LEFT JOIN {candidacies_mandates} "candidacies_mandates_sidejob__mandates" ON sidejob__mandates.mandates_target_id = candidacies_mandates_sidejob__mandates.id 

LEFT JOIN {politician} "politician_candidacies_mandates" ON candidacies_mandates_sidejob__mandates.politician = politician_candidacies_mandates.id 

LEFT JOIN {sidejob_organization} "sidejob_organization_sidejob" ON sidejob.sidejob_organization = sidejob_organization_sidejob.id 

WHERE "sidejob"."id" IN (:db_condition_placeholder_1) 
ORDER BY "sidejob"."changed" DESC

I found an issue on drupal.org with a proposed solution which works most of the time but not when the field is from a joined table. The solution for most cases working is adding a custom filter plugin to the view which iterates through all the fields sortable in table display and adding it to the query:

  public function query() {
    // Force View to DISTINCT (because multiple matches makes duplicate
    // query results), and ensure all fields in DISTINCT exist in query to avoid
    // SQL error "ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list": Table column click
    // to sort (and its default order) adds an additional field too late in the
    // game, so we preemptively add all these fields to the query to anticipate
    // it.
    $this->query->distinct = TRUE;

    // Fields the table sorting plugin might use which might not be in the query.
    $sortable_fields = array_keys(array_filter($this->view->getDisplay()->getOption('style')['options']['info'], function ($item) {
      return $item['sortable'] ?? FALSE;

    // Get field table meta and add to query:
    foreach ($sortable_fields as $field_name) {
      $field = $this->view->field[$field_name] ?? NULL;
      if ($field) {
        $this->query->addField($field->table, $field->realField);

The remaining problem as described in the issue: when a field is used for sorting the table which comes from a joined table this solution is not working. I don't get why $this->query->addField($field->table, $field->realField); does not manage to ensure the table properly. I will ask this in another question as this might be a different problem.

The main question here: is there any other solution to avoid this SQL error when combining views table disply with sortable columns and the distinct settig for the view?

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