What's the best way to set a default value to a Select2 autocomplete field widget on form load (I'm using a reference view to populate options). I've tried a ton of different variations from within form_alter with no success, such as...

$form['field_name']['widget']['#select2']['id'] = 12

I can set the hidden <select> element with...

$form['field_name']['widget']['#default_value'] = 12

...but this value doesn't populate into the Select2 Widget.

I've combed through docs and issues without finding a solution. What am I missing?


With the select2 widget the #default_value' is an array so try with

 $form['field_name']['widget']['#default_value'] = [12];

It will work!

  • I appreciate the response. Unfortunately as i mentioned above, this only populates the hidden <select> element and not the actual Select2 Autocomplete field. Any other tips?!?! – Yuckle Jun 14 at 3:28
  • i have tested it on select2 widget what you mentioned above is only 12 as integer not array [12] as it in my answer add [] it will work – berramou Jun 14 at 10:32
  • Thank you for the reply - you are totally correct. I added some custom code previous to render the dropdown's HTML... and that messed things up. My bad ;) – Yuckle Jun 14 at 16:25
  • you are welcome, i'm glad that helped – berramou Jun 14 at 16:49

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