I have a node page where, in the WYSIWYG, I have embedded about 50 media items. When I edit the node, I can see this error for some of the media items.

An error occurred while trying to preview the media. Please save your work and reload this page.

In the browser console, the error is the following.

mysite.com/media/wysiwyg/preview?text=%3Cdrupal-media%20data-entity-type%3D%22media%22%20data-entity-uuid%3D%22b21db71d-3c53-4d46-afed-a3197767fac4%22%20data-href%3D%22%22%20data-size%3D%22original-size%22%3E%3C%2Fdrupal-media%3E&uuid=b21db71d-3c53-4d46-afed-a3197767fac4 429

429 is the status code.


Is there any limit for the number of the embedded media?
How do I get rid of these errors?

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429 is the HTTP status code for "Too Many Requests". Drupal would not be responsible for serving a 429; something in your server infrastructure would do that, like a load balancer or Apache/nginx. Given that, this might be out of scope for Drupal Answers.

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