I was just wondering if anyone knew how many files the Drupal cron removes from your tmp/ directory per cron run? Is it limited to 100 at a time? Where can I see this information?

  • Are you asking about files being deleted from the /tmp directory on your server? or temporary Drupal file entities (i.e. from /admin/content/files?status=0)?
    – sonfd
    Commented Jun 24, 2021 at 23:08

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Yes, the query is set to 100 items per cron run. You can see the associated code for it in file_cron().

$fids = Drupal::entityQuery('file')
  ->condition('status', FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT, '<>')
  ->condition('changed', REQUEST_TIME - $age, '<')
  ->range(0, 100)

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