Working on Drupal 7.81 and Commerce Paybox 7.x-1.3

Everything is going well except for the redirection from Paybox to my e-commerce site, I constantly have an error page after redirection. Paybox refers to https://monsite.org/checkout/[order-number]/payment/return/hash ... and displays an error page, while behind everything is validated (I receive confirmation emails from ordered). Once refresh, I find my Checkout complete page (https://monsite.org/checkout/[order-number]/complete). According to the headers inspected in Chrome, the URLs necessary for Paybox are well informed. However, I have a doubt since the administrator of the Paybox account indicated "Unknown" in the four required redirection URLs (successful, error, abandoned, pending) and nothing in the return URL http (with auto-return to store active). Which setting should I change to avoid this error page? Do I have to manually indicate commerce_paybox/auto in the return http url, for example?

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