I created 2 types of contact form. I disabled Subject in Manage form. I want the fake Subject field not to be displayed in the contact form, and I want it to be filled in automatically.

How do I automatically fill the subject in the contact forms?

There is nothing in the contact form settings to enter static text in the subject field.

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If working with Drupal contact forms (and not Webform), it would be something like:

  // Replace HOOK with 'yourThemeName' or 'yourModuleName' depending on where you put this code
  function HOOK_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) { 
    if($form_id == "your_contact_form_id") {
      $form["subject"]["widget"][0]["value"]["#default_value"] = "Hi, how are you?";
      $form["subject"]["widget"][0]["value"]["#type"] = "hidden"; // Hide field from display 

Set default value for the form either in settings or you can do it via hook_form_alter(). Then set the filed as disabled.

  • I didn't down vote your answer, but this would be a good answer if you explained further. For example, explain how to "Set default value for the form in settings" and show some hook_form_alter() code.
    – sonfd
    Commented Jul 4, 2021 at 20:18

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