I need to upload an image with the webp extension and add it as the main image of a content item with the "Article" content type. Since its field_image doesn't have the webp extension by default, I've added the extension to the "Allowed file extensions" input at the managing tab of the field_image.

When I check the row with the name='field.field.node.article.field_image' in the config DB table, I see that the extension was successfully added to the data array under the keys ['settings']['file_extensions'].

But when I try to upload and add an image with the webp extension on the editing page of the article I still receives the error that only png, gif, jpg and jpeg are allowed.

How to resolve the problem?

ps. Drupal 8.7.3

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Drupal 8.7 does not support WebP.

You can:

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