I am struggling with getting the "Read more" and "Add new comment" links placed below the body on a custom node content type called "Wikitext" that has been created using the GUI on a Drupal 8.9.17 website.

The site is running the default theme (Bartik) and I have not edited any templates. The built-in content type "Article" shows these links below the body. "Wikitext" is supposed to be identical to "Article", but displays them above the body.

I've unticked "Show reply form on the same page as comments" on the comment settings form for both content types.

Below the acreenshot is a copy of the "Manage display" form. It is identical for both content types, and has "Links" and "Comments" as the last two fields to display.

I have looked very carefully, but cannot locate anywhere in the GUI where I can control the placements of these links. Does anybody know where to look?

Screenshot showing link placement

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It's the Links field that appears also the question's screenshot, but for the Teaser view mode, whose settings are on /admin/structure/types/manage/wikitext/display/teaser, for the Wikitext content type. (I assume wikitext is the machine name for that content type.)

I changed the Teaser view mode for the Article content type and re-ordered the fields as follows.


This is how an article appears now in the front page, once it's promoted on front page.


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