Drupal version: 7.14

Currently drupal save the downloaded filename as the last part of the URL, just like a file link "http://example.com/system/files/abc.txt", the default saved filename is "abc.txt".

I want to ask is how to change "abc.txt" to other filename such as "xyz.txt" while downloading.

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    Problem has been solved by setting download method to 'private', if it's set to 'public', you cannot do any control over the download process(that is hook_file_download cannot be called under this mode). – Justin May 8 '12 at 8:28
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    I looked into the function code and I think it'd be great if you could answer your own question and share your code to let others see what could be done by that hook. I bet you could earn some points too :) – Artur May 8 '12 at 9:49

For this issue there's a prerequisite,that is, your download method must be 'private', otherwise there's no chance for drupal to call your 'hook_file_download', it's important!

Here's an example from drupal's file module, change $file->filename to what you want, then return to HTTP headers.

/** * Implements hook_file_download().
* This function takes an extra parameter $field_type so that it may
* be re-used by other File-like modules, such as Image.

function file_file_download($uri, $field_type = 'file') {
global $user;
// Get the file record based on the URI. If not in the database just return.
$files = file_load_multiple(array(), array('uri' => $uri));
if (count($files)) {
foreach ($files as $item) {
// Since some database servers sometimes use a case-insensitive comparison
// by default, double check that the filename is an exact match.
if ($item->uri === $uri) {
$file = $item;
if (!isset($file)) {

//...........................other codes.........................

// Access specifically denied.
if ($denied) {
return -1;

// Access is granted.
$headers = file_get_content_headers($file);
return $headers;


For Drupal 7, when implementing Justin's solution, my download name was still the original filename, not the custom name I assigned to $file->filename. At the time of this writing Drupal 7's file_get_content_headers() sets

$name = mime_header_encode($file->filename);

but never uses the variable $name.

I found a few patches, but instead of patching core, I did the following:

$headers = file_get_content_headers($file);
$headers['Content-Disposition'] = 'attachment; filename="'. $file->filename .'"';
return $headers;

For my purposes, I needed the file to be downloaded, which is why I used 'attachment'. But if you need the disposition to be 'inline', then the following snippet could get you started (copied from this patch):

$inline_types = variable_get('file_inline_types', array('^text/', '^image/', 'flash$'));
$disposition = 'attachment';
foreach ($inline_types as $inline_type) {
  // Exclamation marks are used as delimiters to avoid escaping slashes.
  if (preg_match('!' . $inline_type . '!', $file->filemime)) {
    $disposition = 'inline';

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