While using display suite in drupal 8.6.2 Is it possible to have a custom displaymode-html.html.twig that replaces the default html.html.twig?

So far I have tried enabling the view mode dev hints in themename.yml but it doesn't seem to be showing me anything for html.html.twig

  • what is your propose of having a custom html.twig file? this file is not meant to be used for design proposes much, just placement of page , page bottom, page top and placeholders Aug 24 at 7:18
  • The placement needs to vary, but only for certain display modes.
    – byte me
    Aug 25 at 1:53
  • You don't have any theming variables in this file , even you have no access to regions , so how placement might vary when you only have page top which must be before page, page and page button which should be placed after page? Aug 25 at 3:59
  • I think you should have use other theming files like page.html.twig not html.html.twig Aug 25 at 4:01
  • Thanks! Is there any documentation that would cover this?
    – byte me
    Aug 25 at 7:42

I'm not used to Display Suite but I'd recommend you to have a look at hook_theme_suggestions_alter() in order to build your own twig template suggestions based on specific conditions that you can set using the $variables variable values.

  • Thanks. I tried this with the hook set to html but it just shows me a blank in view mode.
    – byte me
    Aug 24 at 6:40

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