I'm trying to use an Inbound Path Processor to redirect a path(to a webapp based on this tutorial), but Drupal is not picking it up.

I tried the following code to simply redirect every page on the site to /happy, but after rebuilding the cache, nothing happens; I can navigate the site normally and never get redirected.


namespace Drupal\mymodule\PathProcessor;

use Drupal\Core\PathProcessor\InboundPathProcessorInterface;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

class MyPathProcessor implements InboundPathProcessorInterface {

  public function processInbound($path, Request $request) {
    return '/happy';


Am I using this wrong? What do I need to do to get Drupal to use the path processor?

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    This is not a redirect by the way. Path processing is like rewriting in .htaccess without [R,L]. If you want to rewrite the path with a redirect you can use an event subscriber. See drupal.org/node/2013014
    – 4uk4
    Commented Aug 15, 2021 at 9:04

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A path processor is a service tagged with path_processor_inbound. For example, this is the definition of the path_processor.files path processor used by Drupal core.

  class: Drupal\system\PathProcessor\PathProcessorFiles
    - { name: path_processor_inbound, priority: 200 }

Keep in mind that all the path processors are invoked. If the path set by a path processor isn't used from Drupal, another path processor could have changed it. Services like path_processor.files use the priority for that reason: to avoid conflicts with other services of the same type which, in this case, could change the path already altered by another path processor.

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