I'm using a Drupal 9 website and would like to export a list of the users into an excel spreadsheet. Would using the Views data export module be the best way to achieve this?

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    if your requirement is to only export users to excel, but not to import - Yes views data export is one of the best option. Commented Aug 16, 2021 at 6:52

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Assuming you are willing to use drush: Create a PHP script, named something like users_to_csv.php


$fields = [

$users = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()
              // some properties here if you care to restrict the users list

foreach ($users as $user ) {

  foreach ($fields as $field) {

    echo $user->get($field)->getValue()[0]['value'] . ', ';


  echo PHP_EOL;


Then run it with

drush php:script users_to_csv.php > users.csv

The fields list is up to You.


If it's a quick on-off, you could write a simple View and highlight and copy (Control C) the Users list on the page to a text file, or use Views Data Export and export as a CSV.

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