I'm migrating Drupal 7 commerce products to Drupal 9 and I'm using:

  • Drush (10.5.0)
  • migrate_plus
  • migrate_tools
  • commerce_migrate_commerce
  • commerce_migrate

I have successfully migrated nodes, but I cannot migrate fields. In other words, I have node titles and bodies, but not all the additional fields I have on Drupal 7.

I used the following migration IDs.

  • d7_file
  • d7_user
  • d7_node_complete:general_product
  • d7_node:general_product (What's the difference between this and the previous one?)
  • commerce1_product_variation:product
  • commerce1_product:general_product
  • d7_field
  • d7_field_instance
  • d7_field_instance_widget_settings

What am I missing? Where should I dig?


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