I have a webform at http://safebuy.nz/New?your_name=John%20Argent&your_email_address=grub@hotmail.com&address=28%20smith%20Rd&address2=&city=&state_province=Northland&postal_code=&phone_number=0220492570&bank_account_number=

The address feilds are not populating from the querystring.

This page is also showing a date at top of form that shouldnt be there.


You need to target the composite address element's sub-elements.


  • Yes that works perfect. Any idea why the random date at the top of the form and how to remove it? Sep 1 at 3:08
  • The date is the node created timestamp. It can be removed via the theme settings or templates
    – jrockowitz
    Sep 2 at 11:59

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