Im trying to create a sliding popup using jQuery in my drupal module .

Referring the code from:


My popup window, defined in the module, is a html string (using divs, a, img etc) .

How do I pass this html string to .js file. It gets used there in .get(url, function(data)).

Tried using drupal_to_js and drupal_json, both returns the value 0, not the string.
Need some suggestion on how to proceed.

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You need

  1. a hook_menu() implementation that will provide you with the url:
  2. a page callback funtion that does print() or echo on the html snippet, then exit(). So no drupal_to_js() or drupal_json().

You can pass it using drupal_add_js


  // This will add variables in the Drupal.settings object
  drupal_add_js(array('my_module' => array('my_setting' => 'this_value')), 'setting');

You can access this variable like Drupal.settings.my_module.my_setting

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