I'm using the following jsonapi GET request to retrieve product variations for a product:


However, the response does not include the file url for the media:

"type": "media--image",
"id": "6af50149-ae35-4a3b-802d-b21c5d863235",
"links": {
"self": {
"href": "http://myurl/en/jsonapi/media/image/6af50149-ae35-4a3b-802d-b21c5d863235?resourceVersion=id%3A4"
"attributes": {
"drupal_internal__mid": 4,
"drupal_internal__vid": 4,
"langcode": "en",
"revision_created": "2021-09-03T08:03:04+00:00",
"revision_log_message": null,
"status": true,
"name": "image-940375_1920.jpg",
"created": "2021-09-03T08:02:55+00:00",
"changed": "2021-09-03T08:02:55+00:00",
"default_langcode": true,
"revision_translation_affected": true,
"metatag": null
"relationships": {}

How do I add the media file url to the request?

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I figured it out:


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