I want to add comments to user profiles. I added the comments in user profile under Configuration > People > Account settings, but when I add the field, the option to select the comment type is showing empty. What is the correct way to allow other users to give comments on user profiles?

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Each Comment Type can only be applied to one type of entity (nodes (content), users, and taxonomy terms are examples of different types of entities).

By default, Drupal core only provides a comment type for nodes.

So, to add comments on users, you will need to create a user comment type.

  1. Go to /admin/structure/comment.
  2. Select Add comment type.
  3. Add a Label such as User comments.
  4. For Target entity type, select Users.
  5. For the comments field at /admin/config/people/accounts/fields, select your new user comment type.

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