I am using Drupal 8 based Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart. I have an Apigee X free account, created API proxies and published also. I have connected my Apigee X account with developer portal through Organization Name and GCP Service key. There's no such error, test connection says connection successful but when I try to access the API Products in Apigee Developer Portal I get this error.

Permission 'apigee.apiproducts.list' denied on resource 'organizations/betsol-innovation-lab' (or it may not exist).

All required permissions are given in Google Cloud Platform for Apigee X but still the permission denied error exists. Someone please help to solve this error. I am unable to get the API Products which is published in Apigee X through Apigee Developer Portal.

Permission Denied error

Permissions in Google Cloud Platform

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