I have created a site that requires approval of new user registrations. I added the Manager role for the site owner. I'd like users with that role to approve the account registrations.

Is there any configuration that will give another role the permission to approve new user registration?

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On the Permissions screen at /admin/people/permissions, you can give the permission Administer users to the Manager role.

Administer users is an administrator permission, but you do not need to give the other administrator permissions to the Manager role.

If you really don't want the Manager role to have unlimited access to user accounts, you could use the Views Bulk Operations (VBO) module and code a custom action to allow managers to unblock new user accounts. You will need to code a custom action because the VBO module includes an unblock users action by default, but this requires Administer users permission.

  • Thank you! I've chosen the second option...
    – daveH
    Oct 21, 2021 at 17:58

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