In the /admin/content/media page, I have more than one button for the pagination.


The search is working properly.


When I edit a media on some node, in the popup, I only have one button in the pagination.


The search isn't always working. Here, I'm making the search from the page 2, where the image isn't available directly.


It only works when the searched image is on the current page (selected by the pagination).

Here, I'm making the search from the page 1, where the image is available directly.


Is this the default behavior for the popup? My client doesn't like it; he'd like to have the "working" behavior.

Do I have some configuration to do?

I'm using the latest version of Drupal 9 (9.2.7) and the latest version of Gin for the admin theme.

I looked in another project of mine, with the same behavior, but it seems that the search only works on page 1 of the modal.

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For the pagination, I had to change the pagination from mini to complete here to have more than one pagination.


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