As an admin I've built a large table on Drupal 8 (php, mysql). It runs without issues for Admin, but trying as Anonymous user it redirects me to core/install.php

Since it's ONLY affecting Anonymous users, I suspect it's DRUPAL 8 that's setting the limit. I want to find where Drupal does that. Anyone can give tips to the specific Drupal 8 files I can look into?

(Resist trying the max_allowed_packet = 64M for my.cnf) for the only reason that everything works flawlessly for the Admin side.

...when I shorten the table I've built, Anonymous users can see it an no redirects occur...

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Solved. max_allowed_packet indeed. Just raised to 8M and it was enough.

In my case steps taken as follows:

  • Log in to PHPmyAdmin
  • Go to tab "Variables"
  • locate "max allowed packet"
  • Click Edit
  • Replace the current value with "8388608" (that's 8M)
  • Click "Save"
  • No need to restart - works immediately.

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