I want to show a coupon code used on an order details page, but cannot seem to render it on a templates. Here are some things I have tried so far...

{% for coupon in order_entity.coupons %}
  {{ coupon.target_id }}
  {{ coupon.code }}
  {{ drupal_entity('commerce_promotion_coupon', coupon.target_id) }}
  {{ drupal_field('code', 'commerce_promotion_coupon', coupon.target_id) }}
{% endfor %}

The only thing that works is {{ coupon.target_id }} and it just prints out the id as a number. I thought I could use Twig Tweak to load the entity and get it that way, but that doesn't seem to work either.


  • Try to inspect the ID variable to make sure it contains an ID not render array. {{ dd(coupon.target_id) }}
    – ya.teck
    Nov 6, 2021 at 13:30

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How I solved it ... (requires Twig Tweak module)

{% set coupon_entity = drupal_entity('commerce_promotion_coupon', coupon.target_id) %}
{{ coupon_entity['#commerce_promotion_coupon'].getCode }}

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