I have the following error in the filters with parameters in view type pages. will there be any solution to this problem?

Drupal\Core\ParamConverter\ParamNotConvertedException: The "node" parameter was not converted for the path "/node/{node}" (route name: "entity.node.canonical") in Drupal\Core\ParamConverter\ParamConverterManager->convert() (line 104 of /var/www/html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/ParamConverter/ParamConverterManager.php).

This happens for page and block type views.

The same happens when you want to send the parameter by url


I get the same error, it seems that the filters are not working.

  • You need to provide more information. Which version of Drupal/Views? Are you using a standard install with the standard configuration? When did this start happening? Nov 9 at 14:45
  • I use drupal version 8.x.19 I am using the standard version. I'm not really sure when this started, I just updated to its latest version, but before everything was ok; A very clear example was in a block type view that related the news of a content that I was making displayed, it passed the content field: ID by contextual filter, but now it does not receive anything, and I get that error. This happens for all views. Nov 9 at 16:20
  • What version of PHP? Nov 9 at 17:01
  • version of php 7.4 Nov 9 at 19:00

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