I try to import content from a .csv file into article nodes of a fresh D9 install using Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools, Migrate csv source and Migrate File (extended)

My article content type has a field_article_media_image expecting a media image item.

When I run the migration, the articles are created correctly BUT the field_article_media_image is still empty. I see the image has been imported in the filesystem, but created as a file, not as a media item (not present in the media tab) and it is not linked to the article.


id: import_articles
label: Import articles
migration_group: import_articles_group

  plugin: entity:node

    DESTINATION_PATH: 'public://migrations/articles/images/'
  plugin: 'csv'
  path: 'migrations/articles/articles.csv'
  delimiter: ';'
  enclosure: '"'
  header_offset: 0
    - id
      name: id
      label: 'Id'
      name: title
      label: 'Title'
      name: body
      label: 'Body'
      name: field_article_media_image
      label: 'Image'
  title: title
  body/value: body
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: 'basic_html'
    - plugin: image_import
      source: field_article_media_image
      destination: constants/DESTINATION_PATH
      title: title
      skip_on_error: true
    - plugin: log
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: article

The log gives no error. Am I missing something or am I doing something wrong?


After what @Joseph commented, I tried this code:

        source: field_article_media_image
        plugin: entity_lookup
        entity_type: media
        bundle: image
        bundle_key: bundle
        value_key: 'name'
        access_check: 0

Everything is working now, I think value_key needed quotes, and maybe access_check had to be set to false.

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How your article is related to the image is actually like this:

Article (node) -> Image (media) -> File (file)

So there are actually three migrations you have to do, assuming you're not doing anything special and just doing vanilla migrations.

  • The first migration will be to a File entity. The destination of this migration is entity:file which will migrate the information to the file_managed table. This is what migrates file metadata, like where it is in the file system, when it was changed, when it was modified, etc.

  • The second migration will be to a Media entity. The destination of this migration is entity:media with bundle image, which will create a media entity of the file. This migration is usually 1:1 with the file it's representing. This is the entity that should be related to by other entities in the system. You do a migrate_lookup on the File migration using that file's ID.

    • I believe this is the migration you're missing.
  • The last migration will be your Article migration, which is your article data from your CSV (the migration you wrote). You'll need to do a migrate_lookup on the media migration using the file's ID for field_article_media_image.

  • In the meantime, I managed to import the images as Media entities (using drupal/media_library_importer). Can I go directly to the last migration? The title for the Media item is a unique key I've got in my .csv
    – laurent
    Nov 10, 2021 at 15:59
  • @laurent If you used tools other than Migrate API to migrate Media, your article migration cannot use the migration_lookup plugin to link article to media. But you can create a process plugin and use that column in your CSV to find the correct media entity in the DB using Entity API.
    – Joseph
    Nov 10, 2021 at 16:32
  • In Migrate Plus, the plugin entity_lookup seems to be doing just what I want, the example provided is hooking nodes to users entities, I don't know how to transpose to media entities, but that does not sound overly complicated . I'm new to Drupal, so if I can avoid writing a plugin...
    – laurent
    Nov 10, 2021 at 16:47
  • 1
    @laurent entity_lookup can do what I described. You just need to configure it to point to the right entity_type ("media"), bundle ("image"), bundle_key ("bundle"), and most importantly value_key - the machine name of the field in your media entity that holds the value that coincides with the value in your articles CSV.
    – Joseph
    Nov 10, 2021 at 17:29

What I did that work:

  plugin: migration_lookup
  migration: previous_migrate_media_image
  source: node_uid
  plugin: skip_on_empty
  method: row
  message: 'nid is missing'

    - previous_migrate_user
    - previous_migrate_media_image
  optional: { }

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