My organization is investigating a bug that we can't reproduce in testing or staging. It only occurs on Production, most likely due to the fact that production is in heavy use and the traffic is conducive to trigging the elusive combination of factors that reproduce it.

We want to turn on the Devel module for its logging and reporting capabilities before we dive into the Syslog and related server configuration. I know this is going to cause performance hits, but our servers can handle the loads. Outside of that, are there any other risks, especially security, that we should be aware of before we let Devel run for a week or more on a heavily used public facing site?

  • Its going to degrade performance, so any monitoring around that will taint the data.
    – Kevin
    Nov 15 at 16:07
  • Your comment doesn't help. Did you even read the issue? Because of our server specs, this will be a minor factor at best. And taint it how? If you're going to rate a question and provide feedback, at least make sure it's helpful either way.
    – blue928
    Nov 15 at 17:02
  • I didn't down vote it, I did read it, and it is a risk if you are using New Relic to monitor for issues, because it will inflate some of the statistics.
    – Kevin
    Nov 15 at 17:05

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