Up unto last week my Drupal site and varnish_purge worked together fine with Varnish. After updating the modules to the latest versions, cache tag invalidation seemed to stop. Nothing else really changed in the meantime. In /var/log/varnish/varnishncsa.log I get messages like the following. - - [16/Nov/2021:09:04:13 +0100] "BAN HTTP/1.1" 200 254 "-" "varnish_purger module for Drupal 8."

In the syslog there are no messages from Varnish or Drupal.

After changing something on a page, drush p:queue-work should give a notice like the following.

Processed 5 objects...

It instead shows the following.

The queue is empty or has only locked items!

How should I debug this?

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