I have to migrate articles from some external source to Drupal 9 articles (nodes). Articles also have images and for testing I'm migrating images from local file system into Drupal and that works well.

Now in real use-case those source images will be stored on AWS S3 bucket. Also when migrated Drupal files will be stored on S3 bucket. So I'm wondering can that fact be used to make migration faster and more reliable? Initial idea is to use Stream Wrapper and that should work, but is there a better way, to make file copying directly bucket to bucket?

I mean, I know that it should be possible: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9295587/aws-s3-copy-files-and-folders-between-two-buckets/10508646#10508646

... but I'm not sure how would it be to implement that way into migration it self? Even more, will that way provide some significant advantage comparing to stream wrapper?

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