D9.3. All fields are not referenced, they are just simple integers. All data was pulled from a huge external API and it was not possible to create all references.

Just for ease of understanding, imagine a book database website with books and characters. But each character is presented in one book only.

So, book node has field_book_id, which is numeric, unique, but not NID. Also it has a multiple field_character_ids with a list of ids of all characters in this book.

A character node has its own field_character_id (matching with field_character_ids from book node). And also field_my_book_id, which equals to book id field.

The goal is to create a View, which will show the current book's characters in a list.

I'm using Views Contextual Filter Default Entity Field Values module which allows to pull fields values from the current node, for example.

But in Views Filter Criteria I can't match the selected field with the value from the Contextual Filter. It has only pre-defined operators, such as is equal to, is less than, is greater than, etc. And I can't select something like "Match value from contextual filter". I tried to use twig and replacement patterns there without any luck.

It would be a very simple database query, but is it possible to get it working in Views?

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Ok, it was rather simple.

In contextual filter add the field you want to target.

Then: When the filter value is NOT available > Provide default value > Field value from current entity > under Entity Field select field which will filter the view results.

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