i have created a view via the gui. I have tried to filter on the nodes i want, either with a normal filter and an or, and adding a few of them in a contextual filter. I face two issues: 1. i cannot add as a filter say 1000 nodes, and as a contextual filter as well.

  1. Even if i manage to get running the views for the given ids, i get timeouts, since i am searching against thousands of nodes.

Is there a way i could run the same view created via the GUI, and give as parameters the node ids i am interested in? And most important, make the view scale? I have tried to get the results via the views data export, and batch process with the default value of 50, but i still get time outs.

How would you manage this?

I need to get some nodes out of a drupal 7 site, and move on to a newer version.

I could run something with drush, and if you have a code solution, that i have not managed to find out, i would be grateful.

  • You could use a taxonomy or the flag module to mark the nodes you are interested in, and set the view to filter on that term or flag.
    – calebtr
    Jan 12 at 18:59


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