I'm using Drupal 9.2.9,

I have some migrated content that comes from an external source. there are some <img tags,

the Ckeditor image resizer is working for the images I insert into the editor the upload icon but for the images that come from the content migration, the resizer is not enabled.

enter image description here

I even tried to add height manually to the <img tag but nothing appear.

the question is that, how can I enable image resizer for all images within the ckeditor?

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I figure out the resizer plugin works if the image has the following attributes:

  • data-entity-type="file"

  • data-entity-uuid=

So what I did, I create a batch process and go through all the content and find the image, then based on the image I load their uuid and file replaced it.

something like the following code may helps people which have similar requirement:

if (preg_match_all('~<img.*?src=["\']+(.*?)["\']+~', $node->body->value, $matches)) {
            $URIS = array_unique($matches[1]);
            foreach ($URIS as $imgUri) {
              $imgUriDecoded = urldecode($imgUri);
              $node->body->value = str_replace($imgUri, $imgUriDecoded, $node->body->value);
              $fileData = self::getFileDataByUrl($imgUriDecoded);
              $fileUuid = "xxx-just-for-resize";
              if ($fileData) {
                $fileUuid = $fileData->get('uuid')->value ?? "xxx-just-for-resize";
              // skip Danger.jpg
              if ($fileUuid == "4f6db862-2c5d-4fb1-8d5b-830b89514af4") {
              $replacement = sprintf('<img data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="%s"', $fileUuid);
              $node->body->value = str_replace("<img ", $replacement, $node->body->value);

The following file helps to get file by fileURI:

  static function getFileDataByUrl($fileURI) {
    $file_name = \Drupal::service('file_system')->basename($fileURI);
    $target_file = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()
      ->loadByProperties(['filename' => $file_name]);
    $file_data = reset($target_file);
    if ($file_data) {
      return ($file_data);
    else {
      return FALSE;

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