I'm trying to get an implementation of the Entity Autocomplete Form API field with a view selection handler working in Drupal 9.

I have seen some examples in New 'entity_autocomplete' form element added, but it shows how to use a default selection handler and they only appear to work in Drupal 8. Specifically it was possible to pass the view_name and display_name via the #selection_settings:

$form['user'] = [
  '#type' => 'entity_autocomplete',
  '#target_type' => 'user',
  '#selection_handler' => 'views',
  '#selection_settings' => [
    'view' => [
      'view_name' => 'users_view',
      'display_name' => 'users',
      'arguments' => []
    'match_operator' => 'CONTAINS'

Starting with Drupal 9.x as per this Entity reference selection handlers should extend a base class change record, I noticed that the ViewsSelection::initializeView() method no longer does a lookup from $config['handler_settings'], but here isn't any reference to what the alternative is in Drupal 9 going forward and whether the ViewsSelection plugin was intended to support #selection_settings.


It's still possible to pass the options exactly as you have - a lookup from $config['handler_settings'] isn't needed in ViewsSelection::initializeView().

The #selection_settings are merged into the $configuration array provided to the plugin when it's initialised in EntityAutocomplete::validateEntityAutocomplete()

Using your code verbatim I can see the settings you're passing where expected:

enter image description here

  • I see indeed that does pull through the Views details, I might have something else disrupting the behaviour. Will come back and confirm, thanks!
    – baikho
    Dec 23 '21 at 8:06
  • Confirmed this to work on a fresh Drupal 9.3.0 installation, so something else is wrong in my setup. Thanks
    – baikho
    Dec 26 '21 at 20:28

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