i tried to use Taxonomy Term Permissions module to set permissions on terms, but this module does not work.

After selecting the roles that i want to allow them selecting the specific term and saving the changes, nothing get saved, i tried also to search for a solution i found a version that worked in drupal 7, i replaced it with the first module.

this version has corrected to allow us to select the roles with saving the changes, but when i requested to create a node(go to create node page) the page did not open and show up a message that tell me an error happen in my site,

There is another module like that one above? or is there another way to set permission on a terms?

  • Did you look in your permission settings? – Jeremy Love May 11 '12 at 20:08

There are some other modules you can try:

Taxonomy Access Control

Taxonomy Access Control Lite

A short but good tutorial for Taxonomy Access Control is available at Control Who Can View Drupal Nodes: Taxonomy Access Control

  • u can use the dev version of Taxonomy Access Control if it's far more recent in comparision with the recommanded one – khaled_webdev Nov 11 '14 at 8:36

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