I need to get the current region or the current block where a node is rendered, in hook_theme_suggestions_node().

function mymodule_theme_suggestions_node(array $variables) {
  $node_region = "I don't know how to get it";
  $node_block = "I don't know how to get it";
  $suggestions[] = 'node__' . $node_region . '__' . $node_block;    

I need only one value between $node_region and $node_block. How can I obtain them?


If you want a node to display differently on different parts of the page, the way to do that is to use View modes.

  • Thank you. Solution is to put teaser node in Entity view (Content) block from Chaos Tools module. After that I have separated two nods on page teaser and full.
    – Drazen
    Jan 1 at 13:13

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