My Situation:
I am trying to list my content with a taxonomy hierarchy, building up a views based navigation.
To achieve this, I created a second vocabulary for my hierarchy terms (2 layers, mixed), which I attached through an entity reference field to a new content type. This entity reference field is routed through a first view, sorting out folder terms.
I then created a second view to sort, group and display this hierarchy. The output is linking to a third view, which lists the content related to the hierarchy term clicked.
This third view is connected with the taxonomy views integrator module with its vocabulary. (pathauto wants this view to run at /taxonomy/term/ to work proper afaik). Till here I got it working.

The Question:
How do I override the title of the third view with something like:

Hierarchy: {{ arguments.parent_target_id }} - {{ arguments.name }}

I tried a lot of relationship and context filter settings, but I never got the title replaced or the parent term displayed. Except when I go over the content, but at the beginning there is no related content, so it also fails in this situation.

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