I need help figuring this out, I need to allow specific users (a designated role) to create listings (a pre-built views) of existing content by selection (bookmarking) and share it with their own teams. These users need to just click a button/link and then article will be added to a specific view for their own team to see. A team lead assigning certain articles to a list that then can be viewed by others (publicly).

I used the flag module and created several bookmarks, where these users (bookmarking the articles) can bookmark an article with those different bookmarks, I, then created a view that displays those flagged content from each bookmark differently so now I have few lists of articles that was flagged by the logged in user, however, the flag module uses the relationship to associate the view with the flagging table and picks up flagged items from either the current user logged in or every user across the site, the relationship doesn't allow flagged content from specific user. The flag module has the option to create fields for each bookmark but these wont' show up on the view relationship to allow further filtering.

I want each team leader to be able to select few content (articles) from the library of articles and assign those articles to a specific list by clicking the book mark link, then these article are available on a specific page for their team to view without being logged in, how can I do that? I am open to ideas, not necessarily have to be with the flag module.

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