I created a view using indexed fields (search api) to list a taxonomy. I used the rest export checkbox so I have an api endpoint for my view. I am not able to find a filter criteria "starts with" for a field (indexed) that is a string. I don't understand why, the field is behaving like an integer and showing greater than, less than etc..

I am trying to use the hook_views_query_alter but I am getting an error from the line $query->where :

Error: Cannot access protected property Drupal\search_api\Plugin\views\query\SearchApiQuery::$where

In my view , I can see in the "Preview" section the query :

Index: books
Keys: NULL
Options: array (
    'search_api_view' => 'object (Drupal\\views\\ViewExecutable)',
    'search_api_base_path' => 'api/books',

How do I add a filter criteria "starts with" for an indexed field which is a string? Thanks for your help


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