Drush migrate:import (version 10.3.6) seems to be updating existing content regardless if the --update option is used or not. What could be the problem? I've tested it both with and without the --update option and it behaves the same way. However, when I ran it using the migration tools module, it is opposite - nothing gets updated in both cases.. It seems this problem has started after the site in question was upgraded to d9 from d8. Currently I have no idea where to look and would appreciate some pointers.

  • Migration always updates the target entity if the source fields have changed, the --update option is only used to force an update even if the source has not changed.
    – Hudri
    Jan 11 at 9:18
  • @Hudri That would require the source to be changing all the time which isn't the case. It updates the existing content on each migration, without the --update option. Jan 11 at 9:46


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