I have been trying to set up a development site for the drupal site that I am developing right now. I am using CentOs 7, and I want my live site's URL to be "forms.org" and dev site's to be 'devforms.org". So far, I have '^forms\ .org' (I spaced b/t \ and . because otherwise it wouldn't display ) in trusted_host_patters in settings.php, and https://forms.org as ServerAlias in conf.d I have Options Indexes FollowSymLink and AllowOverride All all that. I believe that's all I needed to change the URL so I cleared the cache and restarted the web server again but the browser says "file not found." when I entered the address. Am I missing something?

Also for my dev site, what do I do after importing the db dump? I also changed the URL for that site and it says the same error?

Please help!

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