In Drupal 6, there was a method to theme the edit form for nodes of a custom type:

* Implements hook_theme().
function hook_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) {
    return array(
   'node-type_node_form' => array(
   'variables' => array(
   'form' => NULL,
   'template' => 'node_type-node-form',

Drupal 7 handles this method with the following template files: page--node--add--contenttype.tpl.php, or, page--node--edit--contenttype.tpl.php.

I didn't find any documentation about how I should render form items in these templates. $form is null.

Which variable should I use to render the edit form for my content type?

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Can you try this code in page--node--add--yourcontenttype.tpl.php

module_load_include('inc', 'node', 'node.pages');

$form = node_add('your node type');

print drupal_render($form);

Refer Change aspect of node add form (not only via css)

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