I installed the Token and the Token filter modules.

I use a mailto link in the body of a block.

<a href="mailto:info@mydomain.com?subject=The subject I want&body=Can you send me my invitelink for [site:name] please?">info@mydomain.com</a>

The token isn't replaced by its value.

How can I use a token in that link?

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Mark the "Replace tokens" checkbox as checked for the "Text Format" which you have chosen while creating the block. Text Format configurations can be found with this path admin/config/content/formats

  • Thanks for your answer. The block containing the mailto: link was Full HTML and the replace tokens where enabled. Clicking on it opens my mail program and shows me all I want except [site:name] is not replaced.
    – Jando
    Feb 15 at 18:38

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