I'm using the Group module and I've defined an "Organization" group type.

When I create an entity of that type by going to /group/add and hit save, I get Page Not Found for the url /group/1.

If I go to the entity list view at /admin/group I see my group, and the title is linked to /group/1. Clicking on it gives me Page Not Found.

/group/1/edit works, as do other urls like group/1/delete, but group/1 404s.

What am I missing here and how can I debug this? /group/{group} seems to be the canonical link for the Group entity as defined in group/src/Entity/Group.php. I'm logged in as admin.

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Tracked this down to a route collision with another entity in our codebase that was using the same route.

Debugged by adding devel_debug calls to RouteProvider.php

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