I'm using References Module + cnr module for having bidirectional node references between two different node types (Say Brand and Product). So Brand can have many products but product has only one brand.

I want a "Create Product" button in the Brand page, that opens up a form to create a product where the Brand relationship/reference is already defined. What's the best way to do this? (in the other scenario of a "regular" add content, it should have the select control to choose the Brand from a list (or the auto-complete, doesn't matter)

Also, I would like to NOT display the list of referenced products in the Brand Create/Edit form, I do want them to be displayed on the rendered node page as a list.

As a side question (since this combination is already working for me), since it was anounced the References module is on its way out, and to be replaced by Entity Reference module - what would be the best way to achieve the same functionality using that module (just found This module ) which might be what I was looking for.

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