I need to change these lines (belong to a tpl.php file) to include a image style called "adaptative_image_style" to the generated image.

<?php print l(theme('image', $image_attributes), $ad['url'], $link_attributes); ?>

I think I should use the function to theme_image_style($variables) instead but not sure how to implement it.

Based in Clive's answer I get it working with this code:

  $image_attributes['style_name'] = 'adaptative_image_style';
  print l(theme('image', $image_attributes), $ad['url'], $link_attributes); ?>

The docs page has it pretty much covered but here's an example if you're struggling:

$style_vars = array(
  'style_name' => $style_name,
  'path' => $image_path,
  'alt' => $alt_text

$image = theme('image_style', $style_vars);

$link = l($image, $url, array('html' => TRUE));

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