I have the following set up:

  • Private file field configured on content type
  • Access control configured with referenced user having permission to view file
  • If user is referenced on the node, they can view the private file of that node.

Here is the issue that I am having:

  • A specific file could not be loaded. Drupal Redirects as if the user does not have proper permissions to view the file.
  • Other files, with an identical setup work fine
  • If I download the file, rename it and re-upload to a new node, it works
  • If I download the file, rename it and then re-upload on the original node it works

So, I have an intermittent issue where a tiny subset of files are not able to viewed by the user. What could possibly cause a single node/file combo to fail as described above?

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I suspect the problem is in the symbols of the file name. Probably, when PHP do the file_exists - it may get false because the file is not 'visible'. Try this https://www.drupal.org/project/transliterate_filenames or similar modules to transliterate the filenames during the uploads.

See more here File name transliteration

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