I'm using the group module.

I have a content type for which nodes should only ever exist as members of groups.

Is there a sensible way to disable creation from /node/add/{content_type} so that nodes can only be created from group/{group}/content/create/group_node:{content_type}?

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This is actually pretty simple: The regular permissions page, /admin/people/permissions, controls access to /node/add/{content_type}. The group-level permissions, admin/group/types/{group_type}/permissions, controls access to group/{group}/content/create/group_node:{content_type}. If you have the appropriate checkbox(es) unchecked on the former, and checked on the latter, you'll get what you're after.

  • Ah of course, thanks! I've been working as admin so that all gets bypassed, but makes sense for regular users.
    – Lambic
    Commented Mar 2, 2022 at 17:10

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