The front page of my site needs a very different layout to every other page on the site, so I want to use page--front.tpl. However, the front page still has many of the standard regions, and shares the same main_menu as the rest of the site.

I have just tried moving the shared "outer" parts of my page.tpl (including main_menu and page_bottom) into the html.tpl because I want to use page--front.tpl without duplicating code if possible.

Unfortunately, many of these variables, notably main_menu are defined only for page.tpl, so I've had to hack it into X_preprocess_html. This makes me nervous because I don't know what other variables I might be missing: I basically want to refactor it to avoid code duplication.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Or if not, how can I be sure I still have all the variables and regions I need pushed up to html.tpl?


Yep, you can do it in a simple manner, just follow this

It simply states you can (for example) use <?php include 'page.header.inc'; ?> on a template and include the code for that header. In this .inc file you just enter the code you want to reuse

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