I need to render the output of a block within a view / node template (node--news--full.html.twig). Using {{ page.blockName }} does not return anything as {{ page }} within a node view simply returns a boolean (as expected within a node twig template).

Any ideas?

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The Twig Tweak module can print blocks:

{# Print block using default configuration. #}
{{ drupal_block('system_branding_block') }}

{# Print block using custom configuration. #}
{{ drupal_block('system_branding_block', {label: 'Branding', use_site_name: false, id}) }}

{# Bypass block.html.twig theming. #}
{{ drupal_block('system_branding_block', wrapper=false) }}

Or use the views module itself

In the views admin UI, you can add a block to the Header, Footer, or No results behavior areas. Just click Add and then select Rendered entity - Block.


Another possibility is to get the block to render array in views/node preprocess functions in theme/module and send it to the template through $variables.

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