"Missing text format: 4." reported in log from anonymous user - I have Restricted HTML enabled for anonymous user

Drupal 9.3.8enter image description here

This really fills the log - it seems a common issue for the anonymous user

What exactly is " text format: 4 "

Anyone know how to drill into this for a fix ??

  • This is when you display a formatted text. Roles don't matter, but the text format which a user has stored in the past together with the formatted text has to exist to display the text, which is for "4" not the case, obviously.
    – 4uk4
    Mar 19 at 20:59
  • Is there a way you know to fix or reset this to make it go away ?? Mar 19 at 21:10

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To fix this issue you can either recreate the text format 4:

  • admin/config/content/formats/add
  • Name: 4
  • Machine name: 4 (automatically assigned)

Which probably existed when the text fields where saved originally, either on your site or a different site you have imported the data from.

Or re-save the formatted text fields switching to the text format Restricted HTML (restricted_html) you want to use now.

  • OK . . . thanks . . . but I have no idea which is text format 4, nor which text fields are involved. I will digaround and try a few things. Mar 19 at 22:20

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